Paul Merrick

Identify your limitations, acknowledge the periphery  (2016)


unpainting / \ resurfacing (2015)

18 September – 17 October 2015
Artists Reception: Thursday 1 October from 6pm – 8:00pm
Artists Talk: 7pm

UH Galleries opens its Autumn 2015 exhibition season with unpainting \ / resurfacing, a remarkable exploration of the process of painting which focusses on doing, undoing, layering and revealing in the work of seven UK-based contemporary painters. unpainting \ / resurfacing showcases new work by Daniel Davies, Sarah Dunn, Peter Lamb, Paul Merrick, Jost Münster, Alexis Teplin and Finbar Ward.
Examining abstract paintings and the art of bricolage – the process of creating work from diverse materials and concepts – the exhibition presents paintings not as inert objects but as reactive combinations of layers. Rather than focussing on the ‘finished’ work the paintings are in a constant state of flux, with ‘work in progress’ and ‘process’ regarded as ends in themselves.

The participating artists defy easy definition, and, like their predecessors throughout painting’s long and varied history, they bring a very personal vocabulary of recurring marks, motifs and patterns to their work. Responsive to the onslaught of digital imagery, the cultural trends and behaviours, which assail us every day, the painters in unpainting \ / resurfacing are thoroughly rooted in contemporary experience.

Daniel Davies’ paintings tile, repeat and reproduce. Critiquing superficial daily encounters with poor-quality images on the internet, Davies gives this source imagery renewed physical presence, layering the low-resolution images and embellishing them with his own hand-rendered language of gestural marks.

Sarah Dunn’s Flooded Margins reworks an existing sculpture, deconstructing a large architectural column into a series of floor based sculptures. Assembled from hundreds of pastel coloured panels, the abstract ‘painted’ surfaces are in fact used ‘colour catcher’ sheets processed through the mechanics of a washing machine.

Peter Lamb’s paintings are based on a never-ending process of reworking images. Starting with photographs of his studio, he repeatedly reprints, rescales and repaints, creating an entangled web of self-references.

Paul Merrick’s approach to painting draws together elements of the ‘made’ and the ‘ready-made’. Incorporating materials like building supplies and furniture, Merrick will create a new floor based work assembled from reclaimed card tables. Scuffed, faded and varying in sizes, shapes and tones, these works offer pure expressions of materiality, surface and form.

Jost Münster un-paints existing work, reworking and working over the top of older paintings. By undoing their existing form, literally cutting them up into tiles or swatches, Münster creates new works, which retain traces of an ‘original’. Developing this idea Münster now makes paintings exclusively for the purpose of reworking them.

With a strong relationship to sculpture and performance Alexis Teplin’s practice is rooted in abstract painting. Inspired by art historical references ranging from Rococo to 20th-century avantgarde, her exuberant abstract works explore the history of painting and femininity.

Finbar Ward’s stretchers and stray timbers are stacked, packed and compressed in forms and motifs that allude to the tradition of minimalist painting. Anxieties regarding the validity and status of painting have become a driving force in Ward’s work, where he endeavours to keep us looking and subvert the ‘deathlike’ state of the ‘finished’ painting.

University of Hertfordshire Galleries

Art & Design Gallery
College Lane Campus,
Hertfordshire AL10 9AB United Kingdom
Ph. +44 (0)17 07281127


Exeter Contemporary Open 2015 (2015)


11 September – 31 October 2015

Preview: Thursday 10 September, 6 – 8.30pm with presentation at 7pm

Exeter Phoenix is pleased to present Exeter Contemporary Open 2015, which is an annual, open submission exhibition that presents work from some of the most exciting emerging and established artists from across the UK.

This year, celebrating its 10th year, the selection panel consisted of artist Sean Edwards, artist, writer and curator Cedar Lewisohn, independent curator Jennie Syson and Phoenix Gallery curator Matt Burrows.

The fourteen selected artists are:



Beyond The Goldmine Standard (2015)

An exhibition of LPs and 12″ Singles reworked by artists.
Join us for a special Super Saturday instore at RPM Music
LP Sale and Publication Launch TODAY 9:30-19:00

RPM Music
4 Old George Yard, NE1 1EZ Newcastle upon Tyne
Every Monday for the last six weeks a new batch of artist re-worked LPs have been released in RPM Music, Newcastle as part of Beyond the Goldmine Standard. Involving 59 artists and totalling a collection of 67 records, the walls and shelves of RPM Music are now brimming with an ecclectic selection of these re-imagined albums.
Whilst we might recognise certain symbolic, personal and cultural value in the presence of writing or other visible interventions on the surface of record covers, another register of value, the Goldmine Standard, sees such ‘residue’ as marring or detrimental to a record’s corresponding worth. Beyond the Goldmine Standard deems differently, and has been an invitation to think beyond such regimented classification.In the spirit of Beyond the Goldmine Standard RPM Music will be celebrating second-hand records throughout the day with drinks, nibbles and exclusive discounts on second hand vinyl from 9.30am.

From 5pm a large selection of the artist re-worked LPs will be for sale at a fixed price of £50 alongside the launch of a very limited 12″ x 12″ publication cataloguing the project.

As well as the last chance to see all the records and maybe purchase one for yourself,  there will be a special performance by artist Nicola Singh of her response to Prince and The Revolution, Around the World in a Day.

BEYOND THE GOLDMINE STANDARD: Neil Armstrong, Phil Ashcroft, Oliver Beck, Cath Campbell, Katy Cole, Tim Croft, Katie Cuddon, Gordon, Dalton, Daniel Davies, Jessica Dolby, Graham Dolphin. Jennifer Douglas, Ryan Doyle, Sarah Dunn, Graeme Durant, Mark Edwards, Lizzie Feather, Phil Frankland, Susie Green, Mark Gubb, Aaron Guy, Madeline Hall, Laura Harrington, Kate Hawkins, Joss Humberstone, Laurence Kavanagh, Nick Kennedy, Rachel Lancaster, Claire Lavender, Kate Liston, Toby Phips Lloyd, Sally Lockey, Rob Lowe, Steven Lowery, Kevin Mason, Andrew Maughan, Luke McCreadie, Paul Merrick, Rosie Morris, Michael Mulvihill, Annie O’Donnell, Oliver Perry, Theresa Poulton, Mike Pratt, Narbi Price, Christopher Rollen, Kuba Ryniewicz, Adam Shield, Jamie Shovlin, Ross Sinclair, Nicola Singh, Paul Smith, Joanne Tatham & Tom O’Sullivan, Sebastian Trend, Carl von Weiler, Craig Puranen Wilson & Lady Annabella Marczewska, Flora Whiteley, Gethin Wyn Jones


Satellite Satellite (2014)

Workplace London

61 Conduit Street

Mayfair, London


Friday and Saturday, 10am – 6pm

(and by appointment)

Tanya Axford, Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Hugo Canoilas, Joe Clark, Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Jacob Dahlgren, Jennifer Douglas, Peter J. Evans, Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Paul Merrick, Mike Pratt, Richard Rigg, Cecilia Stenbom, Matt Stokes, Wolfgang Weileder
13th October – 15th November 2014

FRIEZE WEEK – Mon 13th –  Sat 18th October Special opening hours: 10am – 7pm


tel: 44 (0)207 434 1985




Solo Show (2014)

Old Post Office, West Street, Gateshead, UK

Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK

In a new body of work Merrick has drawn upon colour – coded variations of standard 4 x 4 foot units of plasterboard. Selecting each board from a standardised industrial lexicon of building materials, he creates ‘surrogate’ Colour Field paintings, which are then punctuated by collages cut from an ongoing archive of National Geographic and Wallpaper* magazines. Delicately pinned to each board are faded pseudo-scientific photographs of foreign and exotic plants (monolithic Cacti and smaller species of desert flora). Grouped and pinned in faded constellations and pitched against images of mountains and wilderness – The Great Outdoors – alongside the more contemporary escapology of Wallpaper* Magazine’s luxurious Modernist interiors. Merrick’s collages combine nostalgia for the global reportage of the past in dialogic compositions with images and motifs of style and decadence; creating pictorial iconographies and mythological narratives. Set upon metallic surfaces and pastel hues that reflect back America as consumed through the eyes of a working class Britain of the 1970’s and 80’s.


RIFF/T (2013)

BALTIC 39, High Bridge, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 1EW

Tom and Simon Bloor, Alfred Boman, Fiona Curran, Daniel Eatock, Steven Emmanuel, Johannes Evers, Nadine Feinson, Tommy Grace & Kate Owens, Albert Irvin, Ewan Jones-Morris, Peter Lamb, Andrew Maughan, Paul Merrick, Flore Nove-Josserand, Ciara Phillips, Mike Pratt, Dave Sherry, Adam Shield and Thomas Whittle.

Curated by Matthew Hearn & Thomas Whittle

RIFF/T is a two part exhibition about painting, abstraction, representation and their respective expanded fields. Divided into two sequential parts, the works presented focus upon the opposing themes of the harmonious RIFF, and discordant RIFT. Utilising a range of media that reference, mimic and push both ideas particular to painting, and the processes of painting itselfRIFF/T seeks to highlight particular trends, facets and approaches particular to the medium, now.

RIFF explores a sense of fluency and unity found in abstraction. Within the works in the exhibition, rhythm and abstraction converge in a choir of repeating marks, stock images, signature forms and colours. The exhibition installation seeks to evoke a holistic RIFF, a curatorial orchestration in which the individual signatures and marks echo and repeat between the works on show.

Amidst traces of the previous exhibition RIFT amplifies a sense of rupture and re-composition. Highlighting processes of vandalism and corruption within the works on show, RIFT gives credence to error, accident and chance. Referencing art history and popular culture, altering imagery and changing surface details, the idea of representation is opened up to new abstracted possibilities.

RIFF/T follows on from a recent collaboration between Hearn, Trend and Whittle under the moniker of The Hang Gang during an AA2A residency at Northumbria University culminating in The Hang Gang presents RIP, 36 Lime Street Gallery, July, 2013.



Manchester Contemporary (2013)

Spinningfields, Manchester, UK M3 3AN

Solo Booth

27 – 29 September 2013








The Civic, Hanson Street, Barnsley, S70 2HZ

David Batchelor, Jacob Dahlgren, Ian Davenport, Jennifer Douglas,  Dale Holmes, Gary Hume, David Leapman, Paul Merrick, Julie Newton, Yinka Shonibare, DJ Simpson and Richard Woods

Surface brings together a selection of paintings by established artists from the Arts Council collection which investigate the themes of painting, materials, surface and abstraction in order to present a recent history of these developments in art.

Recent large-scale survey exhibitions have demonstrated a renewed interest in artworks’ materiality and surfaces, and a resurgent interest in abstract painting. Exhibitions such as the British Art Show 7: In the days of the Comet and The Indiscipline of Painting: International Abstraction from 1960 to Now presented works that complicate the distinctions between painting and sculpture and raised challenging questions about the processes and techniques of contemporary art production.

Jointly curated by the Gallery@ The Civic and British painter and PhD student at the University of Sheffield, Dale Holmes, Surface brings together a selection of paintings by established artists from the Arts Council collection – as well as emerging and mid-career local artists – which investigate the themes of painting, materials, surface and abstraction in order to present a recent history of these developments in art, and to help create new audiences for contemporary painting.



Untitled (1,2,3,4,5)

Tip of the Iceberg ()

Contemporary Art Society 59 Central Street London EC1V 3AF

4th October 2013 – 3rd January 2014

Tip of the Iceberg is an exhibition, curated by Mark Doyle and Rebecca Morrill, that offers audiences in London the chance to see work by 28 of these artists. It is the fourth in the guest-curated PROJECTS series, which takes place at Contemporary Art Society’s headquarters: 59 Central Street.

The exhibition features work by Iain Andrews, Eric Bainbridge, Catherine Bertola, Andrew Bracey, Pavel Büchler, Tony Charles, James Clarkson, Rachael Clewlow, Samantha Donnelly, Graham Dolphin, Leo Fitzmaurice, Susie Green, Dave Griffiths, Mary Griffiths, Matthew Houlding, Nick Kennedy, Laura Lancaster, Harry Meadley, Paul Merrick, Tim Machin, Anne Vibeke Mou, Michael Mulvihill, Emily Speed, David Steans, Cecilia Stenbom, Matt Stokes, Imogen Stidworthyand Rafal Topolewski.


ANGELIKA OPEN 2012 (2012)

Hermione Allsopp, Siobahn Barr, Juan Bolivar, Darius Chang Jui YU, Malcolm Crocker, Martyn Cross, Olly Fathers, Tom Goddard, Robert Land, Jess Littlewood, Nigel Massey, Paul Merrick, Elisa Noguera Lopez, Daniella Norton, Aimee Parrott, Tessa Payne, Michael Pybus, Tom Rapsey, Mark Scott-Wood, Gagan Singh, Sarah West, Kazuaki Yamane, Geoffrey Ziccardi

Selection Panel: Rod Barton, Paul Kindersley, Boo Ritson, Danny Rolph

Untitled (Table:Table) 2

Salon Art Prize, Matt Roberts Gallery, London (2012)

Selected Artists: Emma Alonze, Christa Amadea & Vivienne Francis, Richard Ansett, John Askew, Miriam Austin, Liz Bailey, David Barnes, Sophie Barr, George Beck, Maeve Berry, Aliki Braine, Jack Brindley, David Cooper, Anwyl Cooper-Willis, Brian Cregan, Emma Critchley, Ellie Davies, Aidan Doherty, Jennifer Douglas, Freya Douglas-Morris, Derek, Eland, Jane Emberson, Stefania Fersini, Natalie Finnemore, Justin Fitzpatrick, Darek Fortas, Hugh Gillan, Sofie Grevelius, Deborah Hall, Neil Hamon, Alex Hanna, Dominic Harris, Aaron Head, Judit Hettema, Steve Hines, Adam Holmes-Davies, Yoonjin Jung, Sam Kemp, Richard Kolker, Ville Kylätasku, Kayung Lai, Astrid On Ke Law, Carolyn Lefley, Chloe Leliott, Andrew Leventis, Colin Lindsay, Anne Lochmann, Debbie Locke, Emily Lockren, Gabrielle Lockwood-Estrin, Natalie Loher, CJ Mahony, Isabel M. Martinez, Valera Martynchik, Richard McConnell, Paul McKinley, Edward, Mendelsohn, Paul Merrick, Nick Mobbs, Gorka Mohamed, Emily Musgrave, Theo Niderost, Lauren O’Grady, Ethna O’Regan, Aimee Parrott, Calum Paterson, Susannah Pentelow, Charley Peters, Katharina Pöhlmann, Julie Rafalski, Anita Rozentale, Roshana Rubin-Mayhew, Eva Rudlinger, Miho Sato, Pamela Schilderman, Andrew Seto, Chris Shaw Hughes, Caroline Silverwood-Taylor, Anna Chrystal Stephens, Shelley Theodore, Leonardo Ulian, Emma Wilde, Hannah Williamson, Beomsik Won, SeoYeoung Won, Ben Woodeson, William Wright, Tereza Zelenkova

Selectors:Gavin Delahunty (Head of Exhibitions, TATE Liverpool), Godfrey Worsdale – (Director, BALTIC centre for contemporary art), Anthony Spira – (Director, Milton Keynes gallery) Susanna Brown (Curator, Photographs, Victoria & Albert Museum)

Matt Roberts Gallery Dates:12th October – 3rd November 2012
Griffin Gallery Dates:7th December – Friday 28th December 2012


Malerei: Painting as Object, Transition Gallery, London (2012)

9 June – 1 July 2012

Group Show featuring: Helen Baker, Phyllida Barlow, Virginia Bodman, Sarah Bowker-Jones, 
Sean Edwards, Natalie Gale, Alexis Harding, Gabriel Hartley, 
Paul Merrick, Rudolf Polanszky, Sarah Kate Wilson


Malerei: Painting as Object, NewBridge Space, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (2012)

21 April – 26 May 2012

Group Show featuring: Helen Baker, Phyllida Barlow, Virginia Bodman, Sarah Bowker-Jones, 
Sean Edwards, Natalie Gale, Alexis Harding, Gabriel Hartley, 
Paul Merrick, Rudolf Polanszky, Sarah Kate Wilson


NADA Art Fair, Miami (2011)

Group Show featuring: Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Laura Lancaster, Paul Merrick, Mike Pratt, Cecilia Stenbom, Matt Stokes

Untitled 1

Solo Show ()

Old Post Office, West Street, Gateshead, UK

Paul Merrick combines painting with sculpture, and the made with the ready-made. Investigating colour, form, and architectural and spatial arrangement in relationship to Painting as a subject and discipline in and of itself; Merrick’s new work is the result of a sustained interrogation of painting and process in relation to the found object.

Untitled 2011 is a commanding steel structure that refers to a found metal armature. Merrick has played with status of the original object, first simplifying its linear form then amplifying it to create an oversize almost comical object, which loses its function entirely. Finished with an industrial yellow powder coat paint finish, an oversize leatherette cushion upholstered in the style of Mies Van Der Rohe’s Barcelona Chair, and inserted planes of sterling board that serve both to delineate and interrupt the space within the structure, and as proxy to painterly brushstrokes. Untitled 2011 invites us to reconsider our initial haptic and perceptual encounters with objects whilst proposing a reassessment of the semiological status of material and form in relation to design, style and function.

Merrick’s light works again substitute found and functional material for painterly mark and gesture. Untitled (Big Plate) 2011 is a drawing of a found glass plate using fluorescent green strip lights. The plate has been removed creating a simple frame of light interrupted by the black rubber flex looped across the picture plane. In Merrick’s work the accidental and contingent mark is given status that is knowingly bartered with the historical canon of modernity. This approach is extended in Merrick’s new series of ‘Found Paintings’. Carefully selected objects such as used and discarded scrap metal, table tops, and dusty panels are presented as Paintings, challenging the viewer to look beyond speculation about former use and action, towards acceptance of each object and surface as aesthetically final and complete, a reclamation and assertion of Painting through the artistic legacy of the found object.

Merrick’s works draw influences from disparate sources, referencing the luxury of 50’s and 60’s interior design of West Coast America, the murder scenes of Helmut Newton, Color Film Noir, and the post industrial landscape of North East England. Salvaged form the local scrap yard these works lead a double life: both as autonomous objects and as Mise-en-scène. As such they imply an event or act that occurs outside of the work, ambiguous and with no substantiation except for the intimated luxury or seediness of material and colour the works become both sinister and erotic.



Rotate, Workplace Gallery @ Contemporary Art Society & Shortlist Media, London (2011)

Group Show


Remade & Readymade, Constantine Gallery, Teesside University, UK (2011)

Group Show featuring: Tony Charles, Greg Cox, Paul Merrick, Lewis Robinson


The New Domestic Landscape, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, Sunderland, UK (2010)

1 – 30 October 2010

Group Show featuring: Christopher Cox, Dan Ziglam and Elliot Brook, Fantome, 
Kyouei Design, Max Lamb,
Clarita Lulic, Martin Ruiz de Azua, 
Ronja Svaneborg, Laila Maia Baria


Business Collectors Network, Gallery North, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (2010)

Group Show featuring: Darren Banks, Eric Bainbridge, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Alex Charrington, Jennifer Douglas, Jorn Ebner, Laura Lancaster, Jock Mooney, Mike Pratt and features a brand new Commission by Ben Jeans Houghton in partnership with Hole Editions.


Hive Gallery, Barnsley, Yorkshire, UK ()

Solo Exhibition

Untitled (Construction Green) 2

Northern Futures, The Civic, Barnsley, Yorkshire (2010)

Group Show featuring: Kit Abramson (Lancaster) , Samantha Donnelly (Greater Manchester), Jennifer Douglas (Gateshead), Daniel Staincliffe (Manchester), Liz West (Sheffield)


Brut Brut, Embassy, Edinburgh Annuale, UK (2010)

Group Show


Queens Hall, Hexham, Northumberland, UK (2009)

Solo Exhibition


Salon09, Matt Roberts Gallery, London, UK (2009)

Group Show featuring: Henny Acloque, Iain Andrews,Tim Bailey, Aglae Bassens, Fiona Cassidy, Louisa Chambers, Noa Charuvi, Charlie Coffey, Lucy Conochie, Lourival Cuquinha, Ben Deakin, Dolores DeSade, Robin Dixon, Aidan Doherty, Freya Douglas-Morris, Tamara Dubnyckyj, Marko Dutka, Alice Evans, Alice Finbow, Andrew Griffiths, Dominic Hawgood, Neil Hedger, Liz Hingley, Atsuhide Ito, Monica, Ursina Jager, Lauren Kelly, Ilona Kiss, Hua Kuan Sai, Anna Larkin, Alanna Lawley, Alastair Levy, Hayley Lock, Fiona MacDonald, Garry Martin, John Mclaren, Susie MacMurray, Georgina McNamara, Aidan McNeill, Paul Merrick, Arnaud Moinet, Eleanor Moreton, Kala Newman, Ellen Nolan, Thomas Owen, Claire Palfreyman, Erik Parra, Oiko Petersen, Regine Petersen, Barbora Rybarova, Michelle Sank, Anja Schaffner, Anthony Schrag, Guy Shoham, Georgina Sleap, Carole Suety, James Tye, Laura Zilionyte

Coopers Exhibiton invite-1

Business Collectors Network, Newcastle upon Tyne, UK (2009)

Group Show featuring: Darren Banks, Eric Bainbridge, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Alex Charrington, Jennifer Douglas, Jorn Ebner, Laura Lancaster, Jock Mooney, Mike Pratt and features a brand new Commission by Ben Jeans Houghton in partnership with Hole Editions.


FUTURE 50, AXIS @ PSL – Project Space Leeds, UK (2008)

Curated by Liz Ashton & Ceri Hand.

Group Show featuring: Pio Abad, Edward Ashton, Stuart Bailes, Chris Barr, 
Catherine Bertola, Miranda Blennerhassett, Emma Bolland, 
Mel Brimfield, Tereza Buskova, Rachel Cattle, Petros Chrisostomou, 
Emily Cole, Martyn Cross, Nick Crowe, Fiona Curran, Andy Denzler, 
Samantha Donnelly, Tracey Eastham, James Evans, Erica Eyres, 
Ian Gonczarow, Rachel Goodyear, S Mark Gubb, Anthea Hamilton, 
Lia Anna Hennig, Hideko Inoue, Candice Jacobs, Jesus Jimenez, 
Doug Jones, Penny Klepuszewska, Simon Le Ruez, Rebecca Lennon, 
Bob Levene, Hayley Lock, Jo McGonigal, Heather & Ivan Morison, 
Yuko Nasu, Robert Orchardson, Katie Orton, Olivia Plender, Ian Rawlinson, 
David Sherry, Sarah Staton, Rebecca Stevenson, Mimei Thompson, 
Rachel Thorlby, Miranda Whall, Katy Woods, Frances Young

Tomorrow The Future

Tomorrow The Future, Fishmarket Gallery, Northampton, UK (2008)


Group Show featuring: Tanya Axford, Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Hugo Canoilas, Joe Clark, Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Jennifer Douglas, Ashley Hipkin, Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Ant Macari, Paul Moss, Ginny Reed, Richard Rigg, Cecilia Stenbom, Miles Thurlow, Wolfgang Weileder


All My Favourite Singers Couldn’t Sing, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK (2008)

Group Show featuring: Dan Arps, Tanya Axford, Darren Banks, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Hugo Canoilas, Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Ashley Hipkin, Graham Hudson, Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Ant Macari, Eleanor Moreton, Melanie Schiff, Cecilia Stenbom


Beacon of Hope, Art Gene, Barrow–in–Furness, Cumbria, UK (2007)

Group Show


MOVED, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK (2007)

Group Show featuring: Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Joe Clark, Richard Rigg, Wolfgang Weileder


Zoo Art Fair, Royal Academy, London, UK (2007)

Represented by Workplace Gallery.

Group Show featuring: Tanya Axford, Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Joe Clark, Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Jennifer Douglas, Peter J. Evans, Francis Gomila, Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Ant Macari, Ginny Reed, Richard Rigg, Cecilia Stenbom, Matt Stokes, Wolfgang Weileder

Blue Star Red Wedge

Blue Star Red Wedge, Glasgow International, UK (2006)

Group Show featuring: Darren Banks, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Joe Clark, Jo Coupe, Jennifer Douglas, Peter J. Evans, Laura Lancaster, Ant Macari, Paul Moss, Ginny Reed, Richard Rigg, Cecilia Stenbom, Matt Stokes, Miles Thurlow, Sarah Walton