Paul Merrick

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Workplace London

61 Conduit Street

Mayfair, London


Friday and Saturday, 10am – 6pm

(and by appointment)

Tanya Axford, Eric Bainbridge, Darren Banks, Sophie Lisa Beresford, Catherine Bertola, Cath Campbell, Hugo Canoilas, Joe Clark, Marcus Coates, Jo Coupe, Jacob Dahlgren, Jennifer Douglas, Peter J. Evans, Laura Lancaster, Rachel Lancaster, Paul Merrick, Mike Pratt, Richard Rigg, Cecilia Stenbom, Matt Stokes, Wolfgang Weileder
13th October – 15th November 2014

FRIEZE WEEK – Mon 13th –  Sat 18th October Special opening hours: 10am – 7pm


tel: 44 (0)207 434 1985




Solo Show

Old Post Office, West Street, Gateshead, UK

Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK

In a new body of work Merrick has drawn upon colour – coded variations of standard 4 x 4 foot units of plasterboard. Selecting each board from a standardised industrial lexicon of building materials, he creates ‘surrogate’ Colour Field paintings, which are then punctuated by collages cut from an ongoing archive of National Geographic and Wallpaper* magazines. Delicately pinned to each board are faded pseudo-scientific photographs of foreign and exotic plants (monolithic Cacti and smaller species of desert flora). Grouped and pinned in faded constellations and pitched against images of mountains and wilderness – The Great Outdoors – alongside the more contemporary escapology of Wallpaper* Magazine’s luxurious Modernist interiors. Merrick’s collages combine nostalgia for the global reportage of the past in dialogic compositions with images and motifs of style and decadence; creating pictorial iconographies and mythological narratives. Set upon metallic surfaces and pastel hues that reflect back America as consumed through the eyes of a working class Britain of the 1970’s and 80’s.